How do you maintain window blinds and shutters?

Window blinds and shutters can be expensive to install. This explains why you need to have proper maintenance to make them last longer. So, how do you maintain them?

9 steps to help you maintain window blinds

  • For metal, wood or plastic blinds,  vacuum-cleaning every week is essential.  Attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner for effectiveness.
  • Sponge clean finger marks and built up dirt after vacuuming. Dry with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Bathe blinds once in a year with water mixed with a jelly soap.
  • Whiten dingy ropes and tapes attached to the blind.
  • Untangle or Replace strings and cords.
  • Replace ill-fitting blinds that are old and worn out.
  • Lubricate the crew inside the rail.
  • Check whether the tape or string holding the slat is still attached to the tilt tube on the horizontal side.
  • To reduce the risk of tears and tangle, always make sure the slats are in the horizontal position when lowering or raising the blinds.

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