Eyeglasses and Eyesight Myths

There are many myths surrounding eyeglasses and eyesight. It is common to hear that some people do not wear eyeglasses because they will make eyesight worse, some wear them to make their eyes stronger and some avoid eye exams altogether because they can see clearly at any distance. These are uninformed decisions whose basis should be clarified. Some of the most common myths include:

Glasses Make Eyesight Worse

Wearing glasses does not make your eyesight worse. What happens is that eyeglasses help you to see better and focus light on the right place thus making images clearer. Over time, your eyes get used to this. However, if you have a habit of straining or anything else that puts a strain on your muscles, especially if your old eyeglass prescription is weak, your eye muscles weaken as well. However, this is not caused by the glasses.

Along with this myth is another stating that wearing the wrong prescription can ruin your eyesight. This is not true. When it comes to wearing stronger or weaker prescriptions, the effect is to get woozy or disoriented. You might also experience terrible headaches. However, this does not affect your eyesight especially when worn a few times. This might only apply to young children as they are still developing and it could affect the growth of their eyes.

20/20 Vision Means Perfect Eyes

20/20 vision might mean that you can see properly but it does not necessarily mean that your eyes are healthy. There could be other diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts forming over time without your knowledge. It is therefore still important to have regular eye doctor appointments if you want to have healthy eyes. Additionally, just because you see clearly according to you does not mean that you do not need to go for eye tests.

Reading in Dim Light Ruins Your Eyesight

Most people believe that reading in dim light is likely to spoil your eyesight. This is just another myth. Long before electricity was discovered, people used to read next to dim sources of light such as candles and their eyesight remained intact. A good analogy for ruining your eyesight by reading in the dark would be that of ruining a camera because of taking pictures in low light environments. Just like some areas in Troy Michigan where there’s a dimmer area.

Sitting too close To the Television Will Hurt Your Eyes

This is not true as there are no studies supporting this suggestion. Doctors advise you to rest your eyes or switch off the television if at all your eyes start to burn or feel uncomfortable. The reasoning behind this is to moderate your television watching just as moderation in every other activity is important. This myth goes hand in hand with one that alleges reading books to close to your eyes will also ruin your eyes. This is also not true.


It is important to demystify these myths because they inform some of the decisions people make. You do not want to be missing out on some things or maintaining unnecessary practices just because of myths.

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Eyeglasses and Eyesight

There are more and more people suffering from eyesight issues. It is therefore common to see people wearing glasses on the street, something that was not as common a while back. This can be attributed to feeding habits as most people are focusing less and less on getting the most nutrients and more on getting the tastiest foods. Additionally, the increase in using screens (phones, laptops, television and other devices) has continued to weaken the eyes. It is therefore important to learn more about eyeglasses, especially since most people will end up wearing some to correct their vision in the course of their lives.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

You should get a prescription from an ophthalmologist or an optometrist before getting your glasses. A new trend where people visit an optician to get glasses without a prescription from an actual eye doctor is cause for concern. Some opticians convince you that you need glasses only because they need to make a sale. Opticians are technicians who are trained to design and fit glasses and should not provide you with glasses without a prescription.

Eyeglass prescriptions, like medicine, are issued to treat diseases or conditions. For eyeglasses, you could be short-sighted, long-sighted or both. Astigmatism is also another reason to get eyeglasses. In addition to these eye conditions, some people get UV light-sensitive which makes it necessary to wear glasses. All these conditions can only be diagnosed by an eye doctor. Once this is complete, the doctor then prescribes the type of lenses that you should have.

Types of Material for Eyeglasses

Glass was the most common material for lenses for a very long time. The downside to glass is that it easily breaks and could cause serious injuries if it shatters while you have your glasses on. This made it necessary to start using plastic for lenses. The good thing about plastic is that it does not shatter easily. It is therefore more durable and saves on a lot of money in the long run if well taken care of.

For people who participate in contact sports or any other sport where they have to have their glasses on, doctors prefer to prescribe polycarbonate lenses. These are highly resistant to shattering and therefore safe and durable if you are into sports. The author of this article owns a tree service lansing company and use lens. Trivex is another popular material that is similar to polycarbonate used in tree service Lansing. However, it is less distorting and therefore more preferred.

Another material that is commonly used is a special type of plastic that yields high index lenses. This material is best used for those people whose vision needs to be highly corrected. Usually, they would have very thick lenses that have a ‘coke-bottle’ effect. However, with high index lenses you get to avoid this.

Choosing the Best Glasses

Choosing your glasses is possible only as far as the frame and the lens material. Once you have your prescription, you can choose whether you want glass, plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex or high index lenses. This is largely determined by the cost of each of these lenses. Additionally, you get to pick the type of frame that you would want. There are metal and plastic frames in different colors. Like every other accessory, you can also choose the designer you prefer if you have a budget that caters to this.

The size of your facial profile, shape of the face and hair all influence your decision. Most people consider eyeglasses an accessory that ought to match or work well with your outfit to achieve a fashionable look.

Do Glasses Make Sight Worse or Better?

This is one of the most popular questions among people who have glasses and those who are considering getting some according to the doctor’s orders. The truth is that eyeglasses can neither make your sight better nor make it worse.

Most people assume that their eyesight is better because they can see clearly. This is not exactly the case. The lenses only help to bring things into focus so you can see. This gives the illusion that your eyes are better. Once you remove the glasses, however, you are back in the same position. In the same way, people assume that glasses make eyesight worse because it gets harder to see with the glasses off. What happens is that the use of glasses helps your eye muscles work less. Once you remove the glasses, your muscles find it harder to focus and it appears as though things are blurrier than before, which is not the case.


Eyesight should be evaluated by a licensed eye doctor. In case of any anomalies, the doctor will prescribe glasses which you can then get from an optician. Your budget will influence the type of glasses that you pick since your choice is only cosmetic and not about the quality of the lens.

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