Eyes, Teeth and Peaceful Living!

Happy New Year 2016 to all my faithful readers and our peaceful community!

With the new year in full swing now (1 month is almost over!), I would like to take this moment and reflect on what is happening in the world around us and talk about how we can not let the destruction and corruption around us pull us down.

The news headlines from TV, Newspapers and news websites like CNN.com all scream that the world is in the brink of a disaster. The stock market is plunging, Oil crisis in Saudi, terror attacks in Europe and seemingly wherever we turn, there is something scaring us.

But remember the old saying “Its not what happens that determines our life, but how we react to what happens us, that shapes our destiny”.


Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth

eye for eye

Most of the world is living by the phrase – Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth. But there are people, though few in comparison to the masses who are living in peace and harmony and even thriving in their field. Ironically a dentist I know who specializes in invisalign vs braces treatment lives in peace in a town where there is always a high alert of terrorism and crime. He attributes to his peaceful living to the fact that he meditates everyday without fail. In fact in his website http://www.orthodontistsouthfieldmi.com he talks about how it is important to take care of the soul along with the teeth and health.


Peaceful Living depends on how Your Morning Starts

Yes thats true. Most people start their morning with a mad dash to the restroom and then into the chaotic, noisy, polluted traffic on the freeway. They dont even slow down to enjoy their breakfast. But if you just get up 30 minutes earlier and read a good book or meditate or just sit in silence for some time, and then move slowly, you will be surprised how much more calm you will throughout the whole day – not to mention how much you can accomplish!

OK, this is a short write-up this time, I got to go meditate!!